UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

Admin Console


  • Is there a minimum amount of data or users that need to record it?
    In order to generate relevant results, the Analyzer requires at least 10000 actions. To get meaningful information, the data set should contain recordings from several users, working on similar processes, captured during several days.


  • Why do I receive The queue is not configured error message in the logs?
    Please check the configuration file uploaded to the Admin Console > Settings > Configure Upcoming Output > Network Shared Folder and confirm that the path to the local store is correctly formatted.
    If the path is correct please open a customer support ticket and share the following full log files:

    • C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\Task Mining (log.log file)
    • C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\Programs\task-mining\externals\queue\Logs
  • What do I do if I have duplicate results displayed?
    This signifies you uploaded twice the ZIP file provided after the Analyzer step was completed. To resolve this issue and have the duplicate results removed please contact your UiPath Representative and request their advice.

  • Why is the user's recording status switched to Error when I start the recording?
    This can occur if the user does not have the shared drive already mapped on their station. Another cause is that the user does not have writing access on the network drive.


  • How can I export Task Mining processes?
    You can export Task Mining processes as XAML file. To do this access Discovered Tasks > select the process you want to view from the tabular view > when the process diagram is displayed click Export As > select the format.

  • What is the Last Activity value from the Users page based on?
    The last activity is the last time the user was active. For details please check the Users section from the User Gude.

  • How many processes will I see after uploading the ZIP file received after the Analyzer step was completed?
    The number of discovered processes discovered can differ depending on the tasks and amount of data recorded. All the discovered processes are displayed in a tabular view in the Discovered Tasks tab. By clicking on each of them, you can see its graphical representation.

  • How are the process names determined?
    Unsupervised algorithms are used to generate model representations and labels. If needed, manual editing is used for labeling after the Analyzer algorithm is applied.

  • Are Network Shared folders supported?
    For the moment we don't support Network Shared folders that require authentication. The Client App relies on the file system when working with these.

  • Can the user assigned as Company Admin be updated?
    Yes, it can. To do this update please access the Admin Console > Users tab and invite the user to Task Mining. After this, notify your UiPath Representative and request them to complete the change.

Client App

  • What needs to be installed on the client desktops in order to run Task Mining?
    Each user needs to install the Client and the Processing Queue in order to capture their tasks. For details please check the Installing the Client App section from the User Gude.

  • Can everybody install the Client or do you need an SME?
    Any user can install the Client and the Processing Queue. In case your company has applied any installation limitations for your PC you will need to contact your IT department.

  • Can the Client App be paused by the user?
    Yes, by accessing the Client App from your PC > select the pause time frame from the Pause dropdown.

  • Does the Client App support multi-monitor setup?
    Yes, it does. Depending on the setup it might consume more CPU / RAM if high precision tracking is enabled.

  • Does Task Mining support the RemoteRuntime for working with Citrix XenApps?
    No, not yet. We use OCR screenshots so task/process discovery usually works well in Citrix but if you export the result as a XAML you won't get the needed selectors.

  • Are there any limitations when recording in virtual / Citrix environments?
    We did some testing and there were no limitations identified.

    • the Desktop Client can be installed on a XenDesktop persistent VDI and works properly,
    • recording a XenApp while having the Desktop Client installed locally works properly.
      Still, keep in mind that in Citrix apps, you can capture only the window selector.
  • Which operating systems are supported for the client?
    Please use Windows 10 64bit.

  • How can I uninstall the Client App?
    To uninstall the Task Mining Client App please follow the generic app uninstallation process: access your PC > Settings > Apps > search for the Task Mining app > select it > click the Uninstall button.

Recorded Data

  • What are the data types and where are they stored during the Task Mining data flow?
  1. The Company Admin configures the recording process and invites Users from their organization to participate in the discovery process.
  2. Each User receives an email with an invitation and a link to install the Client App. These tools are installed locally to a PC directory. Users also need to authenticate themselves using the email address.
  3. The capturing begins when the Company Admin starts it from the Admin Portal. Each screenshot is automatically processed on the user machine as follows:
    • OCR: the text extracted from an image is stored in the OCR format locally or in the shared folder that Company Admin indicates in the configuration file.
  4. All the processed data is archived and stored either locally or in the shared folder in ZIP format.
    All the processed data needs to be manually uploaded by the Company Admin to the UiPath Cloud Azure Blob storage. This is encrypted with a symmetric key.
  5. The Analyzed results are stored in a ZIP archive that is uploaded to the Admin Portal Visualization tool.
  • Who should I contact if the Analyzing is not initiated within 3 business days?
    After uploading the recorded data via the Study Uploader, you need to contact your UiPath Representative.

General Questions

  • Next to installing the Task Mining Client, are there other changes needed within my IT landscape?
    If the IT infrastructure has the specifications as mentioned in the Prerequisites section and is classified as a standard infrastructure, no other changes are required.

  • What is the expected network bandwidth usage?
    Network bandwidth is used only during the Uploading Data to the Blob Storage step and is typically around 2GB per user and week.

  • How can I handle the recording process if I'm working both in my work network (where the shared folder is available) and from the home network, where this is not available?
    The processing of certain stages can be postponed if the processor is not Available. This signifies that queue processes actions as a queue of action-processor items. Meaning different processor stages for the same action should not necessarily be executed one after another, as long as the order is preserved.
    Just set a time, when the Client App should retry processing the archiving and transfer to the shared folder step.

  • What happens if a process uses more than one system, or if it uses a cluster?
    Multiple systems are accepted. In this case, the data is transformed as part of the load process.

  • Can the purchased licenses be switched between a company's employees?
    The licenses can be reassigned to another named user at any time still we highly recommend you run studies with the same users multiple times as this can help quantify the impact and provide more in-depth information about the processes.

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