UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview


Track the progress of your Project(s) and keep your stakeholders informed by using the graphical displays of real-time data available in the Dashboard tab.

The below charts are available:

  • Team
    Monitor the total number of users and their recording activity.
  • Processed Users Action
    The percentage of the recorded data that was processed.
  • Total Volume of Data
    Check the overall size of the recorded information, the goal volume, and whether this has exceeded.
  • Total Recorded Time
    You can see how many hours have been recorded in total, what is the setup volume and whether this is exceeded.
  • App Requests
    An overview of the applications that have been requested by users and the number of requests made for each one.



The raw data collected from the users needs to be processed before being updated to the Admin Console. The data metric displayed in the Dashboard and Team modules represents the amount of processed data and not the raw one (the size difference can be significant).
The telemetry gets updated every 15 minutes for each user individually if their Client App is running and is connected to the internet.
Additionally, the data is updated whenever the user manually pauses or resumes the Client App.

By clicking More the Settings tab is displayed.

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