UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

Client App Overview

The Client App can be accessed by the users who received an invitation to participate in the discovery process and downloaded it. It's used to facilitate the recording process management and other specific information that the users might need.

To access it click the robot-like icon displayed on the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

  • Recording Consent
    A message informing you about the recording process and requesting your consent before starting to gather the data may be displayed if this is set up by the Admin. For details check the Data Collection Policies page.
  • Accept - confirm that you agree with the recording flow and its terms and conditions.
    • The recording process is immediately started.
    • Your status is updated to Started in the Admin Console.
  • Decline - deny to provide your agreement towards the recording flow and its terms and conditions.
    • The initial Almost Ready! message is displayed.
    • Your status is updated to Pending - No Consent in the Admin Console.
  • Link to the Employer Privacy Policy - access the Employer Privacy Policy in order to get more information about the recording process, what is your input, and what happens to the recorded data.



  • A warning message is displayed if the OS you are running is not supported. Access this page for details about the system requirements.

Once the Client App pop up is displayed you have the following information and options:

The Main Paige

  • The status of the Client App: this can be either Stopped or Started and can be changed only by the Company Admin from the Admin Console.
  • The Pause option: use it to pause the recording for a maximum of 1 hour.
  • The Settings icon displayed as a gear symbol allows you to access the following options:


The Settings view contains the following options allowing each user to set up their preferences:

Recorded Apps

A list of the apps set up by the Company Admin to be recorded. These applications cannot be deleted.

By clicking Add App you can add only to your recording process other applications that you think are relevant. The added application is whitelisted automatically only for you. To make it available for the entire organization, the Company Admin needs to add it to the generic Recorded Applications list.

You can delete only the applications you added and that have not been moved by the Company Admin to the Recorded Applications list.

My Progress

Access this section to check the following:

  • Recording status: recording time, the data volume that has been recorded, number of screenshots, the status of recording.
  • Processing status: how many steps out of the total amount of data have been processed.


Access the Proxy menu if you need to customize the proxy settings and facilitate the recording process to be initiated.

Check out the Configuring the Proxy page for step by step guidance.


Check the Program name, its Version, and your Username. Also, you can Open the Logs folder if needed for troubleshooting and Logout from the Client App.

Show control panel switch

You can enable or disable the control panel display during the recording session.

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Client App Overview

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