UiPath Task Capture

The Task Capture Guide

Release date: 26 April 2021


  • New Interactive Sign-In flow is here, allowing activation by signing in using Cloud account.
  • Following our goal to deliver our best design experience throughout all the UiPath product suite we've redesigned the application and here are some of the changes available:
    • A new modern loading screen.
    • The starting experience is now updated including a new Home Page.
    • Top side menu is now restructured for faster and simpler use.
    • Exporting to Word user interface is now updated.
  • Capturing Settings is now available so users can choose what actions to record thus having more control over what should be or shouldn't be included in the documentation. Using some of the options from Capturing Settings users can eliminate the concerns regarding capturing sensitive data or key inputs during the recording process, that are included automatically to the Action Description property.
  • Swimlanes support is a feature available for users to structure the process map by visually grouping the elements that belong to different parts of the process as different process stages, departments, etc. Swimlanes can be added horizontally or vertically from the Edit option at the top-side menu.
  • Enterprise Users now have the option to opt-out of sending usage and performance data collection in Task Capture.


  • The license agreement text content is updated to comply with the new cloud options available.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a typo in Automation Hub PDD template.
  • An arrow's modified label, from a decision element, was reset to the initial value instead of keeping the current label after the connected to it element was deleted.

Updated 10 months ago


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