UiPath Task Capture

The Task Capture Guide

Release date: 27 April 2020


Task Capture is now integrated with Automation Hub and can be used for documenting and publishing automation idea candidates directly to Automation Hub through the new option available in the Export & Publish menu. When accessing Export & Publish > Word Document > Template View a new default Word template adapted to the Automation Hub PDD display is available.


A new landing modal is displayed if you run the application .exe file to create a process, open an existing .ssp file, or run the application from Automation Hub. This presents information about loading dependencies, license validations, and opening a particular file if the app is launched.

The storing period for temp folder data decreased from 7 to 3 days.

As Connect Enterprise was renamed to Automation Hub, the information for Stand-Alone license type from the License page is now updated and displays the new name.

The action text from the Step Description is now consistent.

Fixed Bugs

  • A JavaScript error was displayed after the installation of Task Capture 19.10.5 was completed.
  • The application crashed if the user selected the Stand-Alone license type when the activation page was displayed.
  • Export & Publish > UiPath Studio: an error was displayed when attempting to export files containing symbols in the title or description.
  • Export & Publish > UiPath Studio: the Hotkey button names weren't displayed correctly in the file exported to UiPath Studio.
  • Export & Publish > UiPath Studio and Word Document: the export process was not canceled allowing for the success export message to be displayed even if the export modal pop-up was closed during the processing of the document.
  • Export & Publish > Word Document: the License Details and other buttons slightly blinked during the export process.
  • The Capturing widget was sometimes hidden under other applications during screen sharing sessions.

Updated 10 months ago


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