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Word Document

To export your workflow diagram in a Word format and create a Process Definition Document (PDD) access File > Export & Publish and select Word Document.

Complete the below steps:

Edit the Word Document

As soon as you selected Word Document the Document Properties tab is displayed.

Document Properties

  1. Customize your document by filling in the Title, Description, and Author fields.
  2. As soon as you completed, click Next. The Template View option is displayed.

Template View

Choose the template you want to apply to your workflow diagram. You have the below options:

  • Import Template - enables you to import a customized Word template. Follow the steps from the Managing Word Templates to find out how to edit your template.
  • UiPath PDD - use the default template designed by UiPath.
  • Automation Hub PDD - this template is adapted to the Automation Hub display and is recommended for documentation that will be exported to Automation Hub.


Default templates cannot be edited. If you try to do so, a copy of it is generated, enabling you to edit the copy.

Choose the appropriate Image quality (1), Image size relative to page size (2).

Export the Word Document

  1. Once the update is completed click Export.
  1. The Save as Word pop up is displayed. Select the location and the File name, and Save the document to your PC.


The default File name has the following format: Day Month at Hour when the workflow was saved.

  1. A confirmation message is displayed once the PDD is downloaded. You have the following options:
    • Copy path - copy the location path of the PDD Word file.
    • Open file - open the PDD Word file.

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Word Document

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