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Mail Automation

StudioX enables you to automate tasks you perform with emails from the Outlook desktop application, Gmail, and Outlook 365.

After you add the account to automate as a resource to the automation using a Use Outlook 365, Use Gmail, or Use Desktop Outlook App activity, add the activities that use data from the account inside the resource activity. When configuring the child activities, you can select specific email data directly from the Plus plus button menu in StudioX: Outlook folders, Gmail labels, the email selected in the Outlook desktop app when the project is executed, or message fields such as Subject, Body, Body as HTML, Bcc, Cc, To, From, Date (as text), and Priority.




If you want to repeat one or more activities for multiple messages, add a For Each Email activity, and then add the activities to repeat inside it to process the emails one by one. This enables you to iterate through the emails in a desktop or web Outlook folder, Gmail label, or through the emails selected in the Outlook desktop app when the project is executed.



If the Outlook desktop app displays warning messages and prompts you to allow access to the program when you are working with Outlook activities, follow the instructions in Outlook Troubleshooting to prevent the messages from being displayed.
StudioX and the Outlook desktop app must run with the same privileges (either run both as administrator or run both not as administrator).

To learn how to work with mail automation, see the tutorials in this section.

To find out more about mail activities, this section contains detailed descriptions for each activity.

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Mail Automation

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