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Managing Projects with GIT

Source control systems prove very handy when developing larger projects that require smooth collaboration between multiple users.

Source control keeps track of every modification in a special kind of database, called a repository. If a mistake is made, you can turn back the clock and compare earlier versions of the StudioX project to help fix the mistake while minimizing disruption to all team members.

Read more about source control in the Studio guide.

Source control management through GIT is disabled by default in StudioX. You can enable or disable it from Home (StudioX Backstage View) > Settings > Team.


Managing Projects with GIT

GIT integration in StudioX requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3. Check the Software Requirements page.

Adding repositories

A repository is a type of database that stores data for a set of files or directory structure along with the history of changes made to the files. Talk to your administrator about getting access to a repository.

You can add GIT repositories by going to the Team section in the Home menu. Fill in the Name and the Url of the repository. When working with multiple people, you can configure a default folder to keep track of your own projects within the repository (this step is optional). Once that's all done, click on the Add button.


Authenticating with GIT

When you add a repository for the first time, you must authenticate with GIT:

  • Sign in with GitHub - Select this option and click Sign in to authenticate by logging in on GitHub's website with your GIT credentials.
  • Token - Select this option to authenticate with your username in the User field, and GIT token in the Token field.



The GIT credentials you provide in StudioX are stored in the Windows Credential Manager. To change your GIT credentials for a repository go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Credential Manager > Windows Credentials.

Creating a new Project in GIT

To create a new project in GIT, first make sure that you have a repository added in the list of Source Control Repositories. You can then select it in the Save To field when you create the new project.




You can open existing projects from a repository by going to Home (StudioX Backstage View) > Open and selecting Open from Source Repository.

To add an existing StudioX project to GIT:

  1. Open the local project.
  2. Click Home (StudioX Backstage View) > Save as.
  3. Select a repository on the left and add the details of the project on the right.
  4. Click Save.

Committing and Pushing to GIT

To submit your changes to the GIT repository, save your project and then click Close in the Home Menu (StudioX Backstage View). You can also simply close the project from the top right button.

When committing changes you need to add a description that best summarizes the changes to the project. When ready, click Save version to submit your changes.




When committing changes, you can select only the files you wish to save to the repository and deselect the rest.

Handling conflicts

In certain situations, you may not be able to save your changes to a repository due to a conflict between your local changes and the ones in the source control repository. When this happens you can select:

  • Keep my changes - Overrides the version in the source control repository with your local changes.
  • Use version in source control repository - Discards your local changes and retrieves the latest version from the source control repository.
  • Close project and resolve manually - Select this option to resolve the conflicts manually, using a different tool.

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Managing Projects with GIT

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