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Transactional Process

The Transactional Process is a project template based on a Flowchart, optimized for basic automation processes.


This template contains several pre-made containers, as follows:

Data Input Sequence

This container is connected to the Start node and is meant to hold all the activities related to retrieving the data necessary for running the project. The read transaction parameters are stored in the predefined NewTransaction variable of type Boolean.

Flow Decision

The Flow Decision activity is meant to analyze the data that was retrieved based on the condition represented by the data stored under the NewTransaction. The True branch of the Flow Decision leads to the Transaction Processing Flowchart, while the False branch leads to the End Process Sequence.

Transaction Processing Flowchart

  • a Transaction Processing Flowchart that processes the transaction items and then loops back to the initial Data Input Sequence.
  • an End Process Sequence which is meant to contain all steps that must be taken at the end of an automation process, such as saving the workflow.



Please take into consideration that whenever you wish to copy a large number of activities from one sequence to another, it is recommended to scroll down to the bottom of the Designer panel beforehand. This is due to a Windows Workflow Foundation limitation.

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Transactional Process

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