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Field Descriptions for GIT

The GIT Context Menu

Right-click a file or project node in the Properties panel to open the GIT-specific context menu for Managing Projects with GIT.




Commits current changes to the local GIT repository.


Pushes the current version onto the remote repository.

Pull (rebase)

Pulls remote files and rebases the current branch.

Manage Branches

Opens the GIT window with options for managing currently added branches.

Show Changes

Opens the File Diff window for comparing changes between the local version and the remote version of the file.

Show History

Opens the Show History window for comparing two versions of the same file.


Opens the Undo Pending Changes window if the file was not committed or pushed to the remote repository.

The Solve Conflicts Window



Choose Left

Select the left file representing the file in the remote repository to push.

Choose Right

Select the right file representing the file in the local repository to push.


Click Save after choosing the left or right file.


Cancel the operation and exit the Solve conflicts window.


Navigates to the previous change in the compared files.


Navigates to the next change in the compared files.

Collapse All

Collapses all nodes in the .xaml files.

Expand All

Expands all nodes in the .xaml files.

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Field Descriptions for GIT

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