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SAP 自动化简介

SAP 企业软件广泛应用于各个行业,用于管理业务运营和客户关系。SAP 处理的数据流需要执行多个重复任务,这可能会变得非常繁琐和耗时。

需要在 SAP 中读取和操作数据的任务可以自动化。一些常见的用例包括:启动或关闭一个案例、在屏幕上填写表单、使用屏幕抓取来比较数据字段、数据挖掘、在 SAP 和其他应用程序之间迁移数据、更新状态字段等等。自动化工作流还可用于识别数据库的不一致性,例如发现流程的异常并标记异常以供检查。

Similarly to Citrix environments, SAP enterprise software contains GUI elements that are considered one block, which means that they cannot be used with a simple recording or automation tool. However, several techniques can be put in place for automating processes with SAP and ensuring the accuracy of scanned and retrieved data from forms and databases.

SAP automation can be done with the help of recording activities, manually inserting Click Text actions, sending keyboard shortcuts, and extracting text, as well as focusing on SAP-specific approaches. Selectors are natively generated including for tree elements, without having to install a specific extension.

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SAP 自动化简介

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