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From the Imports Panel

  1. 打开“导入”面板。
  2. 在“输入或选择命名空间”字段中,首先键入您感兴趣的命名空间。请注意,当您键入时系统会提供建议,以免您不完全确定您正在寻找的内容。
  1. 可选)单击下拉箭头可查看和浏览所有可用的命名空间。
  2. 选择所需的命名空间。命名空间将添加到“导入的命名空间”列表中。

From the Project Panel

Whenever you install a new dependency to your project, either a .nupkg file from Manage Packages default feeds, or a custom library that you've created, the namespace can be imported from the Project panel as well.

Simply right-click the dependency in the tree, and select Import Namespaces. The namespaces are automatically added to your project, you can check them in the Imports panel.

To remove a namespace, select it in the Imports panel, and press Delete. To remove all unused namespace, right-click anywhere in the panel, and select Delete Unused.

Note that namespaces can only be removed if they aren't used. For example, you can remove a namespace from the project if the assembly that contains it is no longer referenced by the project.

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