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SAP Testing Project


The SAP Testing Project Template is a project template based on an execution template. Through this template you can understand the usage of SAP transactions and SAP programs during the test case execution, as part of Change Impact Mining. Through SAP Monitoring, information about executions of SAP transactions and programs, and associated dependencies is collected at runtime.

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How it works

Any new or current test case can be assigned to the execution template called SAP Change Impact Mining.xaml
Now the test case runs in parallel with SAP Session Attributes Change Trigger to track and log any change in the SAP sessions attribute (e.g. SAP transaction information).

By default, monitoring is set for SAP Transactions and SAP Programs. You can define which SAP session attributes you are interested in.
For information on all available SAP session attribute, see SAP Session Information.

The data collected at runtime is then sent to Orchestrator as a test execution attachment.

For more information, see Analyze test executions.

In Test Manager, this information is applied to test cases as labels.

You can use this information to filter test cases by SAP labels, and then create a test set that will execute the affected test cases.


Additional actions

Perform SAP Change Impact Mining using the KTern integration.


  • Studio version 2021.10.1
  • Testing Activities v1.4.3
  • System Activities
  • UIAutomation Activities

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SAP Testing Project

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