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Disable Stop Button

With the higher demand of improving the relationship between humans and UiPath's Robots, we have developed a new feature that allows you to have processes that run continuously.

This is called "Disable Stop Button" and keeps them running at all times making it easier to deploy processes to users and keeping them running without the need of user interaction.

These type of processes can work hand in hand with triggers to initiate a workflow, the trigger can be a new mail, incoming phone call or other specific action defined in the project.

To create a process that can't be stopped from the UiPath Assistant, you have to go to the Process settings in Orchestrator and select "Process can’t be stopped from UiPath Assistant".

  • If you choose to only enable the "Process can’t be stopped from UiPath Assistant", the process has to be started manually from Assistant.

  • If you also enable "Automatically Start Process", when Assistant is first started on the user's machine, the process starts as well.

For a process configured like this, it can only be stopped from Task Manager by killing UiPath.Executor.exe.



Disable Stop Button has been developed as a feature for Attended Robots. Unattended Processes are not affected by the setting in Orchestrator.

Updated about a year ago

Disable Stop Button

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