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Last updated Jul 15, 2024


A Widget refers to a plug-in integrated with the UiPath® Assistant holding a functionality, for example, the Apps Widget, or your own custom one.

Widgets built by UiPath® are distributed via the Official Feed while custom ones are published to the Orchestrator's Library as a .nupkg file. In both cases, based on the governance policies, they are downloaded and installed in the UiPath® Assistant.

The procedure to download a Widget goes through the following steps:

  1. UiPath® Assistant reaches out to Automation Ops to fetch the Governance Policy.
  2. The UiPath® Assistant looks in the Orchestrator Library Feed for the requested Widget.
  3. If the Widget is not found there, the Official NuGet Feed is used.

    Note: If both feeds are allowed, the UiPath® Assistant prioritizes the Orchestrator Library Feed over the Official NuGet Feed.
  4. Widget is downloaded and added to the UiPath® Assistant.
Note: For UiPath® Widgets (Apps, Marketplace, Automation Store), you don't need to specify a certain version.

  • Any error encountered related to a widget is displayed in the widget sections.
  • In order to see a new widget, you need to Quit and restart the UiPath® Assistant or sign out and sign back in.

For details about Widget governance, go to the Automation Ops governance page.

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