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Last updated Apr 3, 2024

Technology Comparison

Depending on your environment, type of automations, and applications used, you can choose one of the two available PiP technologies.

PiP - Child Session is best suited for complex automations that make use of hardware events and image-based automation, while PiP - Virtual Desktop provides a faster process start time and can run on more Windows operating systems.

If both PiP technologies are compatible with your environment and automations, PiP - Virtual Desktop is recommended as it is faster and uses less resources to start the automation. You can also keep a PiP - Child Session instance open throughout the day to achieve similar performance when starting an automation.

The main differences are presented below:

Session authentication and VPN compatibility


PiP - Child Session

PiP - Virtual Desktop

Normal Password Authentication



PIN Authentication


  • Session authentication and VPN compatibility

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