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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

Action Center Widget

The Action Center widget helps you see and complete your Action Center tasks directly from UiPath® Assistant.


To use the Action Center widget, the following conditions must be met:

  • UiPath® Assistant and Robot version 2022.10 or later are installed.
  • UiPath® Assistant connected to a tenant that has UiPath® Action Center enabled.
  • At least one Pending, Unassigned or Compete action in Action Center in the last 30 days for the Assistant to display the My Actions section.
  • When using Automation Ops (via Cloud or Automation Suite): An Assistant Product Policy must be deployed via Automation Ops, with the Action Center enabled. Read more about how to create and configure a governance policy.
  • When using the on premises version of Action Center, you must manually configure the Action Center URL in the actionCenterUrl parameter of the agent-settings.json file.
    To find the value of the Action_Center_URL from the env.json file:
    • Navigate to the Installation Folder.
    • Go to ActionCenter/Actions/environments/env.json.
    • From the PostLogoutRedirectUri key, retrieve the correct Action_Center_URL.
    The format for the PostLogoutRedirectUri is Action Center URL"/actions. For example, if the PostLogoutRedirectUri is, then the corresponding Action Center URL is

For more information about the Action Center on-prem configuration, see Assistant governance without Automation Ops.

How to Use It

On the Launchpad, under My Actions, you can find the total count of your unassigned, pending, and completed actions for the last 30 days.

If you are using Assistant in a single column, your Actions will be displayed under My Actions.

Click on the total count number to go to the related category in the Action Center portal. In the Action Center portal, you can see the expanded view of your actions, and perform your tasks. You can filter actions by several criteria, and you can search for actions using the search bar in the upper left corner.

Note: Find more information about using actions on the Action Center Guide.
  • Prerequisites
  • How to Use It

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