UiPath Robot

The UiPath Robot Guide

Release date: 31 May 2022

What’s new

  • With the 2022.4.3 version of the Robot, you are now able to configure a list of URLs that are automatically trusted by the Robot JavaScript SDK. This provides a seamless experience for users when using RobotJS.

  • Starting with the 2022.4.3 Assistant release, you're able to completely disable the Task Capture launcher from the menu right next to Home, and from Launchpad. For more information, see the UiPath Assistant documentation.

  • Several accessibility issues have been fixed for the UiPath Assistant.

Bug fixes

  • Log messages were not sent to the Event Viewer when the Robot was installed in user-mode per-machine. Logs are now sent as expected in per-machine installations. The issue still occurs for the user-mode Robot in per-user installations.

Updated 2 months ago


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