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Automation Store Widget Release Notes


Release date: 9 May 2022

This version contains multiple bug fixes and improvements.


Release date: 25 February 2022


Visual changes have been introduced to match our other products.


Release date: 29 November 2021

This patch brings a bug fix for the Automation Store Widget.

Bug Fixes

An issue affecting the search functionality of the Automation Store widget has been resolved.


Release date: 11 October 2021

This patch brings a bug fix for the Automation Store Widget.

Bug Fixes

HTTP failure response in UiPath Assistant

An issue that caused the UiPath Assistant to show an http failure response error when connecting to a tenant where Automation Store was not provisioned has been resolved.


Release date: 28 September 2021

Automation Hub can now be integrated with UiPath Assistant using the new Automation Store widget. The widget enables you to browse for, install, and update automations from the internal Automation Store straight from your Assistant. In addition, if you have an automation idea, the new idea questionnaire in Automation Hub is just a couple of clicks away thanks to the Submit an idea button the widget adds to the Assistant. See Automation Store Widget for more details.

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Automation Store Widget Release Notes

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