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Automation Store Widget


The Automation Store widget provides users easy access to internal ready-to-go automations available in the Automation Store directly from the UiPath Assistant.



To use the Automation Store widget, the following conditions must be met:

  • The Assistant must be connected to a tenant that has Automation Store enabled and some automations deployed.
  • UiPath Assistant version 2021.10 or later is installed.
  • A policy is configured in Automation Ops to deploy this widget to your Assistant.



Automation Store is available only with an enterprise license or under an enterprise trial.

Installing an Automation

All automations available in the Automation Store can be found on the UiPath Assistant homepage, in the Automation Store section. To add an automation to your list of processes, select the automation and click Install.



When the Automation Store Widget is used on macOS, only cross-platform automations can be run. Automations not built for cross-platform fail with the following error when started: The process cannot run on macOS because it is not compatible with this platform.

Field Descriptions for Automations

Selecting an automation displays additional information about it, as described in the following table.

TitleThe title of the automation. Clicking the title takes you to the Automation Store webpage for the specific automation.
CategoryDisplays the category of the automation (e.g. HR, Finance, IT).
DescriptionDescription of the automation provided by the author.
RatingThe average rating of the automation based on user feedback.
ReviewsThe total number of reviews.
AuthorThe name of the person who built the automation.
Number of downloadsHow many people downloaded the automation.
Avg savings a monthHow many hours, on average, the automation saves the business user.
MediaMedia provided by the author for the automation, if available.
ApplicationsWhat applications are used in the automation (e.g. Excel, Outlook).
Send a review or questionClick this link to go to the Automation Store webpage where you can add a review or a question about the automation.
TagsThis section displays custom tags added for the automation.

Updating an Installed Automation

If an update is available for an automation added from the Automation Store, the Update tab is displayed when you select the automation from the list. Select the Update tab and then click the Update button to get the latest version.

Sharing an Idea in Automation Hub

If you know of a repetitive task or a process that could be automated, you can easily go to Automation Hub and share your idea directly from the Assistant. On the Assistant homepage, select the menu plus buttonplus button next to Home, and then select Submit an idea, or click the Submit an Idea tile from the Launchpad.


This opens a questionnaire in Automation Hub that enables you to add details about your automation idea and submit it for review.

You can enable or disable the "Automation Hub: Submit an Idea" menu from the Launchpad section in the Preferences menu in the UiPath Assistant.


Deploying the Automation Store Widget

Just like for any other widget, the Automation Store Widget deployment is handled through Automation Ops policies.


Searching Related Automation Hub Ideas

When the Automation Store Widget is deployed, the search functionality in Assistant also returns related ideas part of Automation Hub, but not deployed in the Automation Store.


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Automation Store Widget

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