UiPath Release Notes


Release date: 14th November 2019

What’s New

  • Reporting module is available for Company Admins.
  • For Connect homepage, Japanese version, the MVP users who have the location set to Japan have been set and made visible.
  • The banner design announcing the availability of the Roadmap and the Submit idea option is updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Several Gamification errors were fixed. The following badges were not awarded even if the criteria for receiving these have been met: Autobiographer, Tribe member/Citizen, Gives Back, Robot Analyst, Robot Methodologist, Robot Infra Engineer badges.
  • Points were not awarded when the Assembler superbadge was achieved nor when new components were uploaded on Go!.
  • If a project was rejected by an Admin user a DataTable warning / ExecuteQueryTagError was displayed when accessing My projects.
  • The RPA Community Blog option from the main menu was not displayed when accessing the system from on mobile browser.
  • The name of the project owner was incorrectly displayed in the email received by the collaboration requester.
  • The subject of emails sent when a user is accepted as affiliated to a company was incorrect.
  • Users were not redirected to the Auth0 login screen if they accessed the Create > Project form while being logged out.
  • The component overviews were not displayed on the User's component page on Connect.

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