UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

April 2021

Release date: 7 April 2021

Public Preview Release


Admin Console

  • Start All button is added to the top of the Team table. It allows starting the recording for all users that are in Stopped status.

  • The Dashboard is renamed to Overview so that users will not confuse it with Process Mining dashboards.

  • Series of banners added to the Overview to indicate the project readiness and let you know if Output Configuration is available and if Recorded Application list is configured.

  • A new tutorial is available, shown on the first launch of Task Mining service, guiding you through the product features.


  • A new design for the task diagram is applied with many improvements as: better view fit, faster performance, and the ability to display more details about steps and their transitions.
  • When a trace is selected, the diagram of the task is re-drawn to match the selected trace steps.
  • In Discovered Results, Study is renamed as Analysis.
  • Steps frequency is added to the step cards - it indicates how often the steps appear across all traces in the task.
  • After a Step name is edited, the new name will be applied to all tasks that contain the step and their respective filters.
  • Arrows that connect steps are now thicker or thinner depending on how many transitions they represent.

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April 2021

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