UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Release date: 25th September 2020


  • The Queue application is improved in order to better support the Network Shared Folder. Furthermore, Admin Users have the Available intermittently checkbox available for the Network Shared Folder section in the Project Settings. When checked, it allows the user to continue the capturing process even if the Network Shared Folder is not available, by storing captured data locally until the connection is restored.
  • The error handling and logs management processes for both the Recorder and the Queue applications are enhanced.

  • The Admin console underwent through a refactoring process in order to improve your experience while navigating through the available modules. Below we have listed some of the most important changes:
    • The Navigation panel is now available on the top of the page.
    • The new UiPath Apollo design system is now applied to all the tables and the majority of the elements available in the Admin Console User Interface in order to increase their responsivity and enhance their functionality.
  • Discovered Results module: the RPA score column is now replaced with the Rank column. This indicates the task index in the analyzed project.
  • Discovered Results module: Admin Users have the option to edit the names of the tasks displayed in the table.
  • Discovered Results > open a task diagram > Export As: the option to export discovered tasks in a Word PDD format is now available.
  • Project Settings > Recorded Applications section: Admin Users can remove unneeded Applications from both the Globally Recorded and Recorded on Individual Users' Request lists.

  • The login information needed to access the Uploader is displayed in the application interface along with the URL required to complete the authentication in the browser in order to simplify the Admin Sign-In flow.
  • The default number of actions that can be simultaneously uploaded is decreased in order to enhance the flow performance still, this can be changed in the Uploader config file to adjust to the bandwidth.

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