UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

December 2020

Release date: 18 December 2020


Task Mining is now available as a First Party Service in the UiPath Automation Cloud platform allowing you to easily switch between multiple tenants and enhance your overall experience with the platform while having at your disposal all the features and options you are already used to. Please find below some of the benefits brought by this feature:

  • Option to add Task Mining on multiple Automation Cloud tenants.
  • Gain access to other UiPath Cloud Services such as Orchestrator, Apps, Actions, Data Service, Process Launcher.



For the moment the Task Mining First Party Service is made available only for new projects. The ongoing recording projects will be continued through the platform's web interface. Existing users are encouraged to create their new Task Mining projects within the Cloud instance.

:ok-hand: Customers who do not have an Automation Cloud account, access this link and sign up.

:books: Check out the Task Mining Service in Cloud chapter from the user guide. Start with the Introduction page.
:video-camera: Three demo videos are made available in order to provide a quick and effortless start whit Task Mining First Party Service. Check them out by accessing the following pages from the User Guide:

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December 2020

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