UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes


Release date: March 17th, 2020


The name of the application is changed from Explorer Expert to Task Capture.
All relevant areas are now updated with the new name. There is a new logo, the User Guide URL and content are updated, as well as the installer file, data files, and folders, and the License Details page.

Fixed Bugs

  • The undo command (Ctrl+Z) did not work when applied to the steps panel if no step was previously selected.
  • A duplicated image reference was displayed when opening the .ssp file.
  • The entire text recognized by OCR was removed as soon as updates were applied to any step from the captured diagram.

Known Issues

A hotfix was released on March 20th 2020 to address the below issues.


If you encountered any of them, please download and reinstall Task Capture using the same link.

  • Numbered or bullet list copied from web-pages and pasted into the step title or description was incorrectly displayed in the exported PDD file.
  • The export to Word failed in case step title or description contained special symbols, such as %.

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