UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Release date: 26 April 2021

New Features and Improvements

Excel Automation

New Activities

  • Autofit Range - Changes the displayed column width and/or row height in the specified range to the widest entry in each column and the highest entry in each row.
  • Get Excel Chart - Copies an Excel chart to the clipboard for use in other activities or saves it as a picture file.
  • Insert Excel Chart - Inserts a chart in a sheet at the specified location.
  • Find/Replace Value - Searches in a specified range for certain values. Depending on what operation you choose, it either returns the location of the cell or replaces the value with another given value.
  • Refresh Excel Data Connections - Gets the latest data by refreshing all sources in an open Excel workbook.
  • Update Excel Chart - Updates the properties of an existing Excel chart.


  • SharePoint support has been added to the Use Excel File activity. You can open Excel files stored on SharePoint by placing the SharePoint URL in the Excel File field.
  • A new property called Read Formatting was added to the Use Excel File activity that lets you choose the formatting that will be applied to values read from Excel.
  • A new property called Start in column was added to the Append Range activity.
  • A new property called Empty Row Behavior was added to the For Each Excel Row activity that lets you select how the automation behaves if an empty row is encountered.
  • The Text files entry was added to the Select File dialog when browsing for Excel files using the Use Excel File activity.
  • You can now choose whether Excel windows are visible during the automation and what formatting will be applied to values read from Excel by using the options in the Excel Project settings window.
  • New formatting options have been added to the Format Cells activity that enable you to change the alignment, font, and the fill color of a cell.
  • The Copy Range activity has received the following updates:
    • The title has been changed to Copy/Paste Range.
    • The Destination field now supports cells. You can provide a single cell and then write the copied data starting from that cell.
    • A new Exclude source headers option has been added. If selected, the first row of the Source range is not copied.
  • You can now get the number of rows in an Excel object (ranges, tables, sheets) by using the Row Count property through the Plus plus buttonplus button menu.
  • The Excel Project Settings window has been updated with a new settings category called Excel Preview that determine how Excel files are accessed when using the Plus plus buttonplus button menu.

Mail Automation


  • The following activities have been updated with two new properties, called Use HTML content and Open Editor:
  • When working with Mail activities, you can now retrieve the body of an email as HTML by selecting Body as HTML from the Plus plus buttonplus button menu.
  • You can now specify the reply-to address, importance, and sensitivity of an email when using the Send Email activity using the following options:
    • Reply to - Email address used when replying.
    • Importance - The importance of the email.
    • Sensitivity - How sensitive the email is.
  • You can now use shared mailboxes in automations involving Outlook 365 and the Outlook Desktop app. For Outlook desktop, select the shared mailbox to use from the Account drop-down in the Use Outlook Desktop App activity. For Outlook 365, enter the address of the shared mailbox in the Shared mailbox to use field available in the Use Outlook 365 activity.
  • You can now choose to overwrite existing files when saving email attachments with the Save Email Attachments activity by selecting the Overwrite existing option.
  • You can now save multiple attachment types using the Save Email Attachments activity in StudioX by adding multiple file extensions in the Filter by file name field. Example: “.xls|.pdf”.
  • You can now also filter by category and date when using the Additional Filters feature in the For Each Email activity.
  • Non-Delivery Report (NDR) support has been added to the following mail activities:
  • Invites are now supported when using Mail activities.

PowerPoint Automation

New Activities


  • SharePoint support has been added to the Use PowerPoint Presentation activity. You can open presentations stored on SharePoint by placing the SharePoint URL in the PowerPoint File field.
  • A new property called Replace all has been added to the Replace Text in Presentation activity.
  • The Add Table Data to Slide activity has been updated with the following new properties:
    • Exclude source headers - If selected, the first line of the source table is not copied.
    • Behavior - Determines how the table data is added to the slide.
  • The Presentation category in the Activities panel has been renamed to PowerPoint.

Word Automation

New Activities


  • You can now open and modify documents from remote locations (e.g. SharePoint/Teams) using a URL in the Word file field of the Use Word File activity. Currently this only supports opening existing files, you can’t create new files on a remote location using a URL path.

Common Activities

New Activities

  • Generate Data Table from Text - Generates a DataTable variable from structured text.
  • Modify Date - Updates a date value using modifications including adding or subtracting days and finding the first or last day of the week, month, or year.
  • For Each Row in Data Table - Executes an action once for each row in a specified Data Table.
  • Filter Data Table - Enables you to filter a Data Table by specifying conditions in the Filter Wizard window.
  • Read Row Item - Retrieves a value from a row in a Data Table according to a specified column.
  • Update Row Item - Assigns the specified value into the indicated column of a Data Table row.


  • You can now use saved for later credentials from the Get Username/Password activity to enter passwords in activity fields that require SecureString passwords.
  • Orchestrator credentials can now be retrieved using the Get Username/Password activity and choosing Orchestrator in the Credentials Source field.

Google Workspace (G Suite) Automation

You can now create and edit files, documents, and sheets in your Google Workspace using Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Sheets activities. To use the activities, you must first install the latest version of the UiPath.GSuite.Activities package from the Manage Packages window.

When configuring activities that require indicating files or folders from Google Drive, you can quickly make you selection using a file browser available in the activities.

When working with Google Sheets activities, you can select sheets and named ranges directly from the Plus plus buttonplus button menu.

The following activities are available in StudioX:

Governance through Automation Ops

  • StudioX can now be governed through Automation Ops, a new web-based application available in Automation Cloud that offers an easy way to define and deploy governance policies across the organization.

Other Improvements

  • To make it easier to identify the application each activity works with, all the activities in the following categories now have the same icon as the application they integrate with: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Drive.
  • The Repair Tool for Microsoft Office has an improved user experience and a few new features:
    • You can run the Microsoft Office repair tool as part of the repair plan.
    • If you encounter any issues after running a repair, you can restore the Windows registry to the configuration prior to the repair.
    • You can select which actions to include in the repair plan and view details about the registry changes of each action before running the plan.
  • When installing the Excel Add-in, StudioX now detects if an older installation is present on the system and automatically uninstalls it.
  • Renamed the [Current File]Full Path property display name to Full Name (includes full path) for File Automation activities.

Known Issues

  • If the Word document you select to use as the body of an email in a Send Email, Forward Email, or Reply to Email activity contains pictures, some of the pictures may not appear in the body of the email that is sent.
    If a picture fails to appear in the email body, try one of the following workarounds:
    • Open the Word document, remove the picture, and then add the picture again.
    • Change the extension of the Word document to .zip, extract the archive, open the file document.xml located in the folder word, search for the attribute r:link, and remove it (for example, r:link="rId11"). Save the file, then zip the extracted files again and change the extension back to .docx.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an activity was not focused when clicking the Plus plus buttonplus button menu.
  • The Copy Range activity no longer incorrectly pastes the data when columns are selected as the source range.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases caused StudioX to temporarily freeze when adding an activity in a large project.

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