UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

SAP Order-to-Cash Connector 1.0.1 (General Availability)

Release date: November 30th 2020

This page provides more information about the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector 1.0.1 for Process Mining.


The SAP Order-to-Cash Connector can be used to load data from SAP regarding the Order-to-Cash process. This connector covers all the steps from Sales Order :arrow-forward: Delivery :arrow-forward: Invoicing :arrow-forward: Accounting for the version of the Order-to-Cash process which is referred to as Sales from Stock. In addition to the main process the subprocesses Credit memo, Return and Down payment request are also supported by the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector.

The SAP Order-to-Cash Connector will load and transform the data in a way that the output can be used in AppOne, the standard Process Mining application.

General Availability

This version is the first version of the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector that is released and is the first version which covers the complete Sales from Stock process with Tags and Due dates available.


The SAP Order-to-Cash Connector 1.0.1 needs UiPath Process Mining version 2020.10.2 or higher.

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SAP Order-to-Cash Connector 1.0.1 (General Availability)

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