UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Release date: 3 June 2021


UiPath Assistant Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts for zooming in have been introduced in this release.

Ctrl + Shift + = to zoom in
Ctrl + - to zoom out
Ctrl + 0 to reset

Bug Fixes

RobotJS Service not starting on Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise N 64-bit and Windows Server 2012r2

An issue that blocked the UiPath Robot JS Service from starting on Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise N 64-bit and WinServer 2012r2 has been resolved.

For RobotJS to work on the operating systems mentioned above, make sure to use the latest Robot JS version (v1.2.5) and Robot version higher or equal than 2021.4.4 or 2020.10.8.

Based on your deployment, use one of the following methods to access it:

nodejs - @uipath/robot version 1.2.5

script - <script src="//"></script>

Invoke Workflow from outside of the project folder

An issue affecting v2021.4 Robots that made automations break when invoking a workflow from outside of the project folder has been resolved.

Windows Credentials Proxy Authentication

Starting with the v2021.4.4 release, you can add the UIPATH_PROXY_USE_DEFAULT_CREDENTIALS system environment variable for the UiPath Robot to work with Proxy configurations that use Authentication via Windows Credentials.

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