UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes


Release date: 27 January 2021

What’s New


New Icons for UiPath Assistant and Process Execution

Starting with this release, the icons of the UiPath Assistant and those used for process execution have changed in order to provide a more refreshed and intuitive visual experience when working with our product. They are also easier to identify on different operating system themes.

The new Icons are:

System Tray

  • connectedconnected - when the connection is established.

  • disconnecteddisconnected - when not connected.

  • connection_errorconnection_error - when an error is encountered, such as the UiPath Robot service being stopped.

  • warningwarning - when there are new or unread notifications.


  • searchsearch - UiPath Assistant

  • searchsearch - Running Process

  • searchsearch - Running Process in PIP

New .MSI Installer Options

When you install using the .msi installer, a screen now prompts you to choose what to install at the beginning of the installation process. The installation is configured based on your choice, and you no longer need to use the advanced options of the installer to manually select the products you want to install.

You can select one of the following:

  • Studio - Installs UiPath Studio, Assistant, and the user-mode Robot for creating and testing automations.

  • Assistant - Installs UiPath Assistant and the user-mode Robot for running attended automations.

  • Unattended Robot - Installs the service-mode Robot for running scheduled unattended automations (via Orchestrator) and UiPath Assistant for troubleshooting.

UiPath Assistant Home Page Redesign

The home page of the UiPath Assistant has been slightly redesigned, the processes are split into just two categories

Recent Last 3 processes run

Processes All your available processes

PiP CMD Commands Rename

The CMD commands UiRobot.exe childsession --enable and UiRobot.exe childsession –disable have been renamed into UiRobot.exe PiP --enable and UiRobot.exe PiP --disable.

They have also been included into the UiRobot.exe --help manual.

Breaking Changes

Known Issues

Bug Fixes

An issue that affected headless processes running in session 0 in Citrix environments has been fixed and the environment variable UIPATH_DISABLE_HEADLESS is no longer needed.

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