UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes


Release date: 27 January 2021


  • Increased startupTimeLimit from 120s to 300s for Orchestrator and all ASP.NET Core processes. The previous startup time limit could prove restrictive and cause downtime in environments affected by high CPU usage and memory consumption.

Bug Fixes

  • Identity Server now supports SMTP configurations without a password. Previously, these settings would cause Identity Server to throw errors.

  • Upon upgrading to v2020.10.4, you could edit and remove the Administrator role in the Default tenant. The role is now read-only.

  • Setting the focus to the Password field of an unattended robot without making any changes updated the password to a blank value. This only occurred when using Internet Explorer.

  • Orchestrator did not load credential store plugins referencing DLL files in the Plugins folder unless the files were present in the Orchestrator installation folder. As of now, credential store plugins referencing DLL files in the Plugins folder alone are loaded successfully.

  • Using a v2 external feed URL caused the View versions page to display the top N versions of a package, N being the predefined page size. Now you can navigate through the full list.

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