UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Release date: 27th March 2019


Our dev team has been really preoccupied with improving Orchestrator's capabilities in this patch. The overall performance has been improved a great deal, especially in highly dynamic environments, so as to give you the best experience ever.

Apart from that, we made sure there are no performance penalties in terms of license removal, and we improved the mechanism to run smoothly even in the most complex contexts.

The package retrieval process can be a tad cumbersome, especially in complex environments with a large number of Robots and processes. To make this easier, we added a new web.config parameter, Processes.FilterOutDeleted. You can read more about it here.

Performing GET calls to the /api/Status/VerifyHostAvailibility endpoint now requires authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • At host level, the Tenant drop-down on the License Usage section displayed the same tenant name multiple times and occasionally stopped loading all the entries.
  • A memory leak was occasionally encountered in dynamic environments while on the Dashboard or Robots page. This issue only occurred in Google Chrome.

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