UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes


Release Date: 10th June 2019

What’s New

  • The Language menu selection is available in Connect!/Go! Preferences.
  • Components available on the home page, in all sections, are displayed based on the language selected in the language picker.
  • The Editor's choice section displays different components, based on the selected language.
  • The algorithm-based sections such as Most Popular or Trending, Newest, are displayed based on the selected language.
  • The Featured Components can be selected based on the preferred language.
  • A pop-up message requesting you to Set the default profile language is displayed when accessing Connect!/Go!.
  • The Browsed components are displayed based on the language selection.
  • Sections that include the date information, display it using the Japanese date format when this is the selected language.
  • The FAQs page is updated to display content based on the selected language.
  • The Language code is included in the URL body.
  • The Localization SEO guidelines are available in Japanese in Go! and Connect!.
  • Email Notifications are triggered based on the default language setup for the profile.


  • A language selector, replacing the + sign icon, is available on the site's header.
  • The Header, Dashboard, and Footer design is improved.
  • The sites available in the Grow section will be updated with their Japanese versions if this is available. If the selected language is Japanese, the user will be redirected to the available Japanese version.
  • The Upload Form\Component is updated with a language selector for the two available languages, English and Japanese.
  • On the Component Page, the language of the component is displayed in the info section on the right-hand side, under Process. If the component has been created in 2 languages, then both languages are displayed.
  • If a component has been created in both English and Japanese, the version displayed in Browse Components will be based on the default language set up for the platform.
  • Based on the Japanese business-etiquette requirements, the name format is Last Name\ First Name so, if the selected language is Japanese, the names are displayed in this format.
  • If the Sign-up process was initiated in Go! Japan, when getting redirected to Connect! for the profile creation, the language preference is kept.
  • The buttons from the 3rd page of the Upload form are aligned.

Bug Fixes

  • If a kanji character was added in the name field, this was no longer displaying the correct format, Last Name\ First Name.
  • When the preferred language was set up to Japanese, the date style was not using the Japanese format in the following pages: component upload form, My Component, My Projects, Add component form.
  • The icons enabling users to share their components on social media were not available if the preferred language was set to Japanese.
  • Categories were not displayed on the left-hand side of the FAQs page.
  • The Process/Industry, Open Source License suggestions were missing in the Japanese version of the component upload form.
  • When the Tags option was clicked, the Filetranslation missing error was displayed within the dropdown list.
  • When using the Japanese version, an inconsistent font was noticed for the following options:Back and Next: Add Resources buttons available in the Create Component form, the kanji text displayed in the share Component option.
  • When filling in the Component Enquire option, the Location field could not be updated. The error message This is critical as Enquire feature cannot be tested. was displayed.
  • The email validation procedure, required when signing up, was not working.
  • Going back a page when creating a component, cleared the Summary, Description, Benefits, Dependencies, Compatibility, Video File fields.
  • If Connect!/Go! page was minimized, it's layout was not displayed correctly.
  • When accessing MVP or Companies page, the country drop-down menu was empty.
  • If a component search was done using Japanese kanji the results were not accurate.
  • The following Connect and Go! pages contained information that was not translated to Japanese: Connect! top, User's Profile, Connect! People, Add Project, My Project, Update Profile, Notification Preferences, Connect! FAQs, Go! Cookie Settings, My Components, Become a Contributor, Create Component, Explore Components, Explore Projects, View Profile, profile setup form strings, strings found in the staging environment, the validation messages received from the Add component form, the strings and header menu from My Account section in Connect, the column name in Queued Projects screen, the display of a component status, after it was rejected during curation, the message received by users when they visit the site for the first time and click menu Explorer > Components, the Member since field from the user's profile, the English option from the Language menu.
  • When creating a component and uploading a PDF Installation manual, this was renamed with a translation missing message.
  • The Save My Preferences and Accept All buttons available under the Cookie Settings page were not working.
  • The Sort, Searching and Filtering option from the People page was not working.
  • Some Tags available in the Add Project page were displayed more than once in the drop-down page.
  • Hiragana syllabary was not accepted in the User Name field from My Account page.
  • When trying to change the language from Japanese to English using the language picker the page was frozen.
  • The Language picker was not displayed in the mobile header menu.
  • The messages Error in First Name: is invalid or Error in Last Name: is invalid were displayed if, during the Sign-Up process, Kanji characters were used in the Name field.
  • The User Profile General RPA Role drop-down menu did not have any option available.
  • When trying to add a company profile and an error is generated by empty/incorrect mandatory fields, the images uploaded for the Company Logo and Banner were removed.
  • The number displayed under My Component tab is bigger than the actual number of components uploaded.
  • The Select language message cannot be bypassed even if the Confirm button was clicked.
  • The Language filter checkboxes were missing in the Explore Components.
  • The Language picker drop-down from the Create Component form was empty. This generated the error message Not localized. when trying to save a new component.
  • The Media, Save and Publish buttons from Add Project page were not working.
  • When clicking Follow\Unfollow a project the translation message gets duplicated.
  • For certain accounts users were not able to create or view their own components.
  • The Cover photo uploaded in the form was not saved after submitting the project.
  • For certain fields HTML tags could not be used.
    • While creating a Go component in the Japanese page, the Component type drop-down list became blank.
  • Email notifications had the subject in English even if the preferred language was set up to Japanese.
  • Several redirecting links between Go! and Connect (and vice versa) were not pointing to the proper page.
  • When accessing Explore Projects the user's profile image was not displayed in the Project panel.
  • Bookmarked components were not displayed within My Components, Bookmarks section.
  • After creating a Japanese-only component and submitting it to curation, the preview page could not be opened.
  • When a component was created with Japanese characters, the component page URL was generated using only ASCII characters.
  • When a Japanese-only component was displayed in English search results, its summary was not correctly displayed in the component card.
  • Accepting an invitation to join a company was not working as expected.
  • When adding a Japanese description to an already-published English Custom Activity component page the Use case section is displayed, although it is not needed, and the Media for PDF and Image upload option is not displayed.
  • Compatibility information was not displayed constantly.
  • For led components created in English, the Image and Video were not displayed correctly on the component page.
  • The Previous/Next buttons were not working as expected when accessed from the My Component page.
  • When submitting a new bilingual component, users received the Submitted for review email but the status of the component remained Draft.
  • A Liquid error message was displayed in the Join Company Request/Confirmation emails.
  • The components sent to Needs update status were displayed with a translation mission message if opened in a Japanese page.
  • The Published notification was not sent to the author when their component was published for the first time.
  • A component Summary information is duplicated in the component's description field.
  • The Connect! search function was not working as expected when entering Japanese characters.

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