UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes


Release Date: 19th December 2019


The name of the platform was changed from Explorer Expert to Task Capture. This change was made on 16 March 2020, version 2019.10.5. All the notes released before this date will display the old platform name.


We have started working on the localization of Explorer Expert. The second supported language in the application (after English) is now Japanese.

It is possible to activate Explorer Expert offline by using CEH license codes.

The workflow is similar to UiPath Studio.


The overall interaction with the Diagram Editor has been optimized.

The size of the installer has been decreased by 10% (15 MB).

The capturing now starts more promptly and has become more resource-efficient.

Bug Fixes

  • Step title / Step description fields weren't editable in certain situations.
  • A customized Word template was exported into an invalid Word document.
  • The capturing window disappeared in a particular scenario and was working until the Force Quit.

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