UiPath Release Notes

Release date: February 1st, 2020


The name of the platform was changed from Connect Enterprise Hub to Automation Hub. This change was made on 26 February 2020. All the notes released before this date will display the old platform name.


  • Update the tenant with your company logo
    Customers now have the possibility to replace the Connect Enterprise Hub logo displayed on the left-hand corner of the header with their company logo.


  • Dashboards > Automation Program Performance: the Pipeline Evolution chart can now be filtered by year.
  • The ability to select/deselect all options from filters with numerous items is available in Workspace tables, Explore and Dashboards.
  • Admin Console > Cost Setup > RPA Software Costs: in the Cost Description column users can define multiple license types for the same Automation Type from a certain vendor.
  • Automation Profile Page > Cost Benefit Analysis > RPA Software Costs: the Cost description field is now a drop-down list that facilitates the selection of the license type to be used for each automation.
  • Admin Console > Hierarchy: the hierarchy set up cannot be saved if there is not at least one automation area created.
  • Automation Profile Page > the Mark as Complete button is renamed to Submit Assessment and is repositioned in the lower right- hand corner of the page.

Fixed Bugs

  • Automation Profile Page > Cost Benefit Analysis: when overriding the FTR value, the affected fields were not highlighted.
  • Dashboards > Average Automation Cost: when selecting phases with common statuses several status options were duplicated.
  • Explore Components > Upload Component: there was no Cancel button available in the form.
  • Licensing: when upgrading to the Standard plan, even if the number of purchased paid licenses was lower than the existing number of CoE users from the tenant, the number of paid licenses was not updated accordingly in the tenant.
  • Explore Automation > Automation card: the unassigned Process Owner icon was not consistent with the one displayed in the Quick View.
  • Dashboards > Average Automation Cost: Cost type labels were overlapping if multiple cost types were added.

Updated about 22 hours ago


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