UiPath Release Notes


Release date: December 4th, 2019


  • Delete the automation idea.
    System Admins and Program Managers have the option to permanently delete an automation idea. This functionality is available in several places: the action bar from the Automation Profile, the Action column from the Workspace tables and the Quick View modal.


  • Automation Pipeline: the Date Submitted field has been added for all automations listed in the table.
  • Admin Console > People page: the ability to filter by Status with the options Not Invited, Pending and Active.
  • Admin Console > People page > Upload CSV: a loader icon is added to suggest that the file is uploading.
  • Admin Console > Account page: only the Account Owner is able to make updates to the pricing plan (Change Plan, Buy More Paid Licenses, Request Renewal).
  • Explorer Expert download link is available also in the success screen of submitting an employee-driven idea.
  • Leaderboard: the ability to filter by your business unit and to compare your scoring with your colleagues' scores.

Fixed Bugs

  • Admin Console > People page > Export List: Status column was missing from the CSV downloaded file.
  • Admin Console > People page > Export List: the platform was not handling correctly the Scandinavian characters from the CSV exported files.
  • Admin Console > People page > Permissions: to avoid leaving the platform with no System Admin, you cannot remove the System Admin permission for the tenant's last System Admin user.
  • Automation Profile > Cost Benefit Analysis: the numbers on the bar chart were overlapping when the net benefits were too small compared to the post-automation costs or vice versa.

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