UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes


Release date: December 4th, 2019


The name of the platform was changed from Connect Enterprise Hub to Automation Hub. This change was made on 26 February 2020. All the notes released before this date will display the old platform name.


  • Delete the automation idea.
    System Admins and Program Managers have the option to permanently delete an automation idea. This functionality is available in several places: the action bar from the Automation Profile, the Action column from the Workspace tables and the Quick View modal.


  • Automation Pipeline: the Date Submitted field has been added for all automations listed in the table.
  • Admin Console > People page: the ability to filter by Status with the options Not Invited, Pending and Active.
  • Admin Console > People page > Upload CSV: a loader icon is added to suggest that the file is uploading.
  • Admin Console > Account page: only the Account Owner is able to make updates to the pricing plan (Change Plan, Buy More Paid Licenses, Request Renewal).
  • Explorer Expert download link is available also in the success screen of submitting an employee-driven idea.
  • Leaderboard: the ability to filter by your business unit and to compare your scoring with your colleagues' scores.

Fixed Bugs

  • Admin Console > People page > Export List: Status column was missing from the CSV downloaded file.
  • Admin Console > People page > Export List: the platform was not handling correctly the Scandinavian characters from the CSV exported files.
  • Admin Console > People page > Permissions: to avoid leaving the platform with no System Admin, you cannot remove the System Admin permission for the tenant's last System Admin user.
  • Automation Profile > Cost Benefit Analysis: the numbers on the bar chart were overlapping when the net benefits were too small compared to the post-automation costs or vice versa.

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