UiPath Release Notes


Release date: November 21st, 2019


  • Explorer Expert download link at the level of each automation profile
    You can download the Explorer Expert executable file x32 or x64 version, depending on your system. The download link can be found on every automation profile when accessing the Documentation section.


  • Notifications: the ability to filter by Notification Type is available.
  • Landing Page design has been updated.
  • Ease of implementation option has been defined as "difficult" instead of "hard".

Fixed Bugs

  • Admin Console > Account > Change Plan: closing the modal window had a few seconds of delay.
  • Admin Console > Manage Users > People > Add User: characters limit was not set for text fields.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Hierarchy: creating and saving Automation Areas, Categories and Sub-Categories triggered some errors.
  • Admin Console > Cost Setup > Running Costs and Other Running Costs: Cost/Year and Cost/Month were not updating properly.
  • Workspace tables: pagination issues occurred when manipulating the number of items on the last page.
  • Explore Components: an error was displayed when trying to save a component as Draft without selecting the Component Type.
  • Notifications: CoE Collaborator received multiple notifications when his/her editing rights for the Documentation section were revoked.
  • My Profile > Edit > Upload image: the uploaded image was not previewed properly.

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