UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

October 2020

7 October 2020

What's New

As of now, API operations in your Orchestrator services no longer require the logical name of the tenant as the entire process has been stripped down to only using the tenant display name. Worry not, we preserved backward compatibility for all of you out there still using the logical name when consuming cloud APIs.

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6 October 2020


Starting now, a trigger gets disabled automatically after 10 failed launches if it hadn’t been successfully launched in the last day.

Breaking Changes

As of now, Orchestrator parses and preserves special characters by default and no longer uses encoding and escaping mechanisms to transform input data for dynamic properties in OData models (e.g. QueueItem.SpecificContent).

Previously, special characters were encoded/escaped unless you specified the data type when performing an API request, by using the following syntax: "Name@odata.type": "#String".

If your automation projects are designed to overcome character encoding/escaping any other way than using the method presented above (such as Regex unescaping expressions), make sure to adjust them accordingly as they might not work from now on.

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October 2020

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