UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

General Availability

8th June 2020

AI Fabric General Availability

Breaking down the barriers between RPA and data science teams, enabling you to build, deploy, and manage machine learning models and other AI skills, AI Fabric is here to stay. This game changer in your automation journey is now generally available and from now on you can take advantage of what it has to offer as part of UiPath Automation Cloud.

To access the new app, use the AI Fabric link in the left navigation bar in Cloud Portal.

You can get started immediately with AI Fabric by signing up for an Enterprise Trial on UiPath Automation Cloud. If you already have an organization, request the Enterprise Trial licensing plan. Be sure to enable AI Fabric by allocating your trial AI Fabric licenses to a service. Preexisting AI Fabric licenses are already migrated and ready to be used, no need for further action on your part.

Along with a whole new app experience, we've introduced a couple of new things to AI Fabric such that your experience is outstanding:

  • Added new concepts such as projects, datasets and pipelines.
  • Made the models trainable, enabling you to improve your AI over time and manage them all through an intuitive interface. Your existing packages and skills are waiting for you to be used, grouped within the new projects we created for them.
  • Deploy UiPath’s proprietary models for document understanding, as well as a range of models for generic tasks from the open-source community (text classification, object detection, and tabular data classification). If none of that is your thing, just build your own models and go from there.
  • Wide range of model management capabilities such as versioning, logging and the ability to snapshot the data your model was trained and evaluated on. This gives you a comprehensive audit trail of how your model makes a prediction, how the model is used, and when it is updated.
  • Launched the Upload File activity to push human validated data back to the AI Fabric project associated with your model. This creates a simple and repeatable feedback loop.


As AI Fabric is accessible directly from Cloud Portal, we've removed all AI Fabric pages from Orchestrator, except for ML Skills, which is now read-only.

AI Fabric does not support Internet Explorer 11.

Our brand new AI Fabric guide is available here.

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General Availability

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