UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Public Preview

Release Date: 6th October 2020

What's new

Save Forms before completion

New intermediate Save option is available for Form Actions. Users do not have to fill a form in one stretch before completing an action.

Actions attachment support available for Form Actions.

Business users can now upload files in Actions forms. RPA developers can configure single or multi file upload as well as min and max size of files through File control properties in Forms Designer from 'Create Form Task' activity (use UiPath.Persistence.Activities 1.1.8).

Trigger unattended processes through file upload

Business users can now upload files in process forms and initiate an unattended process. These files will be uploaded to a configured storage bucket and made available to Robots for downstream processing

Release Date: 17th September 2020

What's new

Brand new option for business users to trigger unattended processes from the web interface

Action Center offering now enables business users to submit business data and trigger unattended Robots through form-based input. A brand-new application “Processes” available in Automation Cloud for users who would like to trigger unattended automations and track processes triggered by them. This makes it super easy for various business user persona(s) to interface with UiPath Robots, all from a web interface.

Release Date: 2nd September 2020

What's new

New Actions stand-alone application on Automation cloud for business users

Action Center has been pivotal in expanding the range of business processes that could be automated through RPA. Out-of-the-box integrations with our AI offering have introduced infinite process automation opportunities using Action Center with seamless human-Robot hand-offs during an automation execution.

We will be excited to announce the public preview of a brand new Action Center application with a complete makeover tailored for business users, as simple as using an email. The new user interface can be accessed through 'Actions', a new application available on our Automation Cloud platform.

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Public Preview

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