UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

September 2020

22th September 2020

Custom Groups

Coinciding with this release of Automation Cloud, there are some great improvements to our access control model. Apart from the four user groups we provide by default, you can now create and tailor your very own user groups.

So if you ever find yourself needing more than the four access levels provided by us, this feature is for you. In addition to providing default access rights for typical scenarios through the default groups, you now have full control over access levels, regardless of scenario.

The entire process involves creating the group in Automation Cloud and customizing the full set of permissions for it using roles in Orchestrator. The access level of a user is relative to the group membership and also relative to the permission configuration made for that group in Orchestrator services.

Remember that default groups are added by default to new Orchestrator services to streamline the first-run experience. Custom groups, on the other hand, need to be added manually in Orchestrator to ensure the correct mapping between the group membership of a user and the corresponding role in Orchestrator. To clarify this bit, it might help to know the following:

  • When a user tries to access certain services, the system makes an access-permit decision depending on the user's membership.
  • When a user tries to access or use certain resources in a service, the system makes an access-permit decision based on the roles of the user, which can be either inherited from the group or granted explicitly.



Changes made to group membership are synced with Orchestrator at every login or once every hour for active user sessions. Details about User Groups in Automation Cloud.


The logic behind tenant editing has been revisited and stripped back to just the stuff you need. Previously you were presented with both service configuration and licensing steps in one common flow. To streamline this process we separated the two and gave each a place of its own in the UI.

  • Configuring Licenses (Admin > Tenants > )
  • Editing Services (Admin > Tenants > > )

Bug Fixes

When signing up for an Automation Cloud account, the Country/Region drop-down displayed the entries in Japanese regardless of choosing English from the language picker on the page.

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September 2020

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