UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

28th May 2020

Bug Fix

In some cases, the Japanese text in Cloud Portal incorrectly displayed older translations or no translations at all.

26th May 2020

What's New

The Resource Center page is now even more resourceful as it contains the new Other Products section. Here you can find download links to the latest installer files of the following UiPath products: Orchestrator, Platform, Diagnostic Tool, and UiExplorer.

For improved accessibility, we've added the Organization Settings menu option to the menu section, on the left side of Cloud Portal. No worries, we left its behavior unchanged.

20th May 2020

Bug Fix

The text in Automation Cloud's Accept Invite page displayed incorrectly when Chrome browser's language setting was different than English or Japanese.

9th May 2020

What's New

If you loved Cloud Platform, you're gonna looove Automation Cloud. This is the new name we chose for our product now that we're preparing it for general availability. We've updated all the references to reflect this rebranding. No worries, all the well-known features are still there, just keep in mind that starting now you're using :tada+: Automation Cloud.

Click here for the Automation Cloud guide.

Good news! We've launched a new Orchestrator instance located in Japan, targeted for our Enterprise customers close to that region.

Read more information about Automation Cloud's existing regions and instances.

Bug Fix

Customers who signed up recently for Automation Cloud choosing the Enterprise Trial licensing plan were wrongfully enrolled into the Community plan and they had to opt for Enterprise Trial from within Cloud Portal's Licenses page.

1st May 2020

What's New

We can't show you anything just now, but we've been busy lately laying the ground for new features and changes in Cloud Platform. Stay tuned in the next few weeks, we'll keep you updated!

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May 2020

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