UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

June 2019

Public Preview

Release date: 3rd June 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our bright new product UiPath Cloud Platform is open for public preview. Catering to both community and enterprise users, we aim to drive the enterprise segment to a cloud-first automation future by making it easy to deploy, operate, and scale your robotic force. With UiPath Cloud Platform, you can get from concept to production in just a few days, from automation newbie to large deployments in weeks.

We know how much all of you love our Community Edition Orchestrator, so we took it a few steps further - UiPath Cloud Platform offers a cloud-based Enterprise SaaS solution ready to provision and use immediately.

UiPath Cloud Platform offers a convenient and modern way of managing all your automation work and resources in one place. Manage your licenses, add multiple Orchestrator services, grant or remove user access rights to any of these instances, access services on permission basis to create robots, environments, machines, processes, run jobs, create schedules - practically do anything you need, all from one centralized, secure location on the cloud.

If you already are a Community Edition user, you are automatically migrated to the Community plan. Have no fear, the Community plan is and will remain free. More so, you actually get access, free of charge, to:

  • 2 Development Robots to use with your Studios
  • 2 Attended Robots
  • 1 Unattended Robot.

If you represent a company with annual revenue less than $5,000,000 and fewer than 250 machines, you can also sign up for the Community plan, granting you free access to all the goodies described above.

If you find yourself in need of more licenses in the future, you can upgrade to the Enterprise plan.

Key Benefits

Start Your Production Faster

Once you have prototyped your initial automations in UiPath Studio and they are ready to move to production, you can simply deploy them into the cloud and start production.


Teamwork gets the job done quicker and better. Work together with your colleagues by inviting them to join your cloud account.

Scale Easily as You Grow

Reached your maximum automation capabilities? Simply request as many licenses as you need directly from your account. Our team will get in touch with you, grant you the necessary assistance, and enable you to seamlessly scale up.

Simplify IT involvement when you need to scale your orchestration capabilities. Create your services with just a few clicks.

Instant Access to New Functionalities

New, innovative functionalities and products are instantly accessible to you from within your cloud account. No more need to upgrade your Orchestrator to the newest release - we are taking over the task of keeping you on the latest version, so you may concentrate on more important matters.

Easy, Frictionless Startup Experience

Until now, as an Enterprise customer, you had to download the .msi package and install Orchestrator, having to go through internal time-consuming change management process. Not anymore, not while using UiPath Cloud Platform! You just sign in to your cloud account, pick an account URL, and access Orchestrator’s power instantly, no setup whatsoever.

Automatic License Activation

Orchestrator licensing is activated automatically by UiPath when signing up on a specific plan, be it Community or Enterprise. Robots & Studio are automatically licensed once connected to services in UiPath Cloud Platform. Should you require new Robot licenses or a renewal, just click a button and our Sales team will reach out to you.

License Usage at a Glance

Valuable telemetry is accessible both per account and per service, displaying information like your license usage trend, the distribution of licenses per Robot type or Robot usage trend per service.

Lower Costs, Simplify IT

As an enterprise, you no longer have to invest in a dedicated IT infrastructure for automation, hence lowering your total cost of ownership.

We perform all the installations, setups, and other configurations for your services. No more hassle from your side, no need to dedicate ongoing IT efforts to manage on-premises Orchestrator servers. You just concentrate on automating your processes, let us do the IT jobs.

Get a glimpse of what you can do by checking out the intro video, featuring a really quick tour of our Cloud Platform!


User Management

One of the main benefits of UiPath Cloud Platform is the possibility to collaborate with your peers on your automation processes, and enabling your colleagues to jump in at any moment to help scale up the automation initiative. To bring them on board, open the Users page and click the Invite Users button. Working together with your team is easier than ever!

When inviting users, you can assign the new users specific roles within the account. You can easily control the access and permissions for each service by granting access and assigning specific roles to your users in the Services page > Users tab. Click here for more information on managing users.


When you sign up for an account in UiPath Cloud Platform, we create a default Orchestrator service for you to use right away. Click its name to start using it as it is, or click Manage Service to manage the assigned users and view the license usage and the usage trend for this specific service. Reallocate the licenses of a specific service by clicking Edit. Click here for more information on distributing your licenses.

When one service is not enough for your growing needs, upgrade to the Enterprise plan and start creating additional services instantly. Click Add Service, enter a name, allocate some Robot licenses to it and you are done. We create the new instance in a few moments so you can continue your automation journey seamlessly.

Having a hard time identifying one specific service? Use the search box to ease your day.

Remember that you can disable services, thus the licenses associated to it being freed up. Reactivate it when you need to use it again. A service may be also deleted, but only when no processes are being executed.


After starting the automation journey with your colleagues, feel free to reach out to us if you need more robotic power, and our sales representatives will be happy to provide you as many additional licenses as you want. The Licenses page offers you information about your licenses count and licensing plan.

You can view the license usage details on the Dashboard, the home page of the platform. It displays comprehensive account information in a visual manner, featuring consumed versus allocated Robot licenses. Click here for more information on licensing.

Resource Center

You need UiPath Studio before starting your automation journey. If you haven’t installed it yet, no worries! The Resource Center page displays download links for Community and Enterprise Editions, as well as a series of useful documentation links in case you have any questions about the UiPath ecosystem.

Notifications and Logs

No action remains a secret, so don’t worry about losing track of what’s happening on your account. Stay compliant with a complete record of all account and membership changes. Notifications keep you posted of every action you performed and the time it occurred. Need even more info on a specific action by one of the users? Check the Audit Logs and filter the records by category, user, action or time. Better yet, download the log in a .csv file for further processing. Click here for more information on checking for changes.

Account Settings

Change is inevitable, so there might be occasions when you have to change your account name into something more relevant for your needs. You can also change the URL of your UiPath Cloud Platform site, although we advise you not to do it often. If you do however, please make sure that everyone knows about it. Click Account Settings and edit them, hit Save, and marvel as your account is updated in real-time.

Remember that changing your account name, URL, or service name greatly impacts your previous UiPath Cloud Platform account configurations.

Known Issues

  • We support only the Chrome web browser for the moment.
  • We do not offer localization and accessibility at this time.
  • Any previous automations connecting to your Orchestrator Community Edition using HTTP Request activity - instead of Orchestrator HTTP activity, fails. As a workaround, please use the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity, or use OpenID protocol.
  • Only the user with Account Owner role can change their name. An error appears when any other user with Account Administrator role tries to change the Account Owner’s name.
  • If you use unicode characters (such as Japanese) in the Company name when signing up for your account, the service created by default within the account will not be accessible. However, you can use unicode characters for your Company name after account creation, but not for your services. Make sure you don’t use such characters when editing a service name, nor when changing the site URL within the Account Settings page. Warning! Providing unicode characters in your site URL renders your Cloud Platform account in inconsistent state!
  • You can’t have more than one service opened in the same browser session. All services opened in the same browser session in different tabs are refreshed to the latest opened tab.
  • Signing up for an account or accepting an invite requires you to verify your email address by clicking a link received in a confirmation email. If for some reason you don’t receive such an email, please click Forgot Password in the Login page to trigger the reset password flow and receive an email.
  • While accessing a service from your UiPath Cloud Platform account, the pop-up alerts aren't displayed when Robots are disconnected, jobs or schedules failed, or custom alerts should be triggered. However, you can find relevant information displayed in the Alerts drop-down.
  • Having both IPv6 and IPv4 configured to connect to the internet might trigger an error message when accessing a service from your Cloud Platform account. Try disabling IPv6 from your computer’s network card, as described here.
  • If you’re having difficulties activating your free licenses, install the latest v2019.5 Studio Community Edition by downloading it from the Resource Center page within your Cloud Platform account.

Accessing It

Piqued your interest? To start using UiPath Cloud Platform right away, go to platform.uipath.com. Sign up for an account if you are not yet a Community Edition user. If you are, just log in with your existing Orchestrator Community Edition credentials, and enjoy the ride!

Try it out, enjoy, and let us know what you think. Remember, we are in Public Preview phase, a special time when your feedback, thoughts, or questions are more than appreciated, so please submit them here. It would be great if you could use one of the bug, suggestions, how-to, error, or general-inquiry tags to help us filter everything easier.

Happy automation!

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June 2019

Public Preview

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