UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

December 2020

18 December 2020

Log Export

As of now, you can export Robot logs generated in your Orchestrator services to Azure, AWS S3, and Google Cloud Storage. Logs are saved in a .csv file in the uipathrobotlogs container. The export is done on a per-tenant basis which facilitates the following:

  • Storing logs that must be retained for compliance and audit purposes.
  • Analyzing and visualizing log output in your own reporting or BI tools.

Users with Administrator privileges can carry out the log export operation.
The log export feature is only available for Enterprise and Trial accounts.
For instructions on how to export your logs, see Exporting Logs.

3 December 2020

CyberArk® CCP Integration

Lots of good news ahead as we’ve expanded and improved our credential store functionality by integrating CyberArk with Automation Cloud Orchestrator services.


The Central Credential Provider (CCP) is the agentless AAM method used to integrate Orchestrator with CyberArk. It allows retrieval of sensitive information such as Robot credentials and credential assets from CyberArk without deploying an agent on the server, as passwords that are stored in a vault are retrieved to the Central Credential Provider, where they can be accessed by authorized remote applications. A client certificate is necessary to ensure the secure retrieval of the credentials.

To successfully integrate with CyberArk® CCP, we suggest you take a look at how to correctly set up your environment in CyberArk® PVWA:

  1. Create an application for your Orchestrator instance and add client certificates.
  2. Create a Safe and add members to it to ensure proper permissions.


Learn more about CyberArk CCP.
Learn about CyberArk CCP integration with Orchestrator.
Learn about storing Orchestrator credentials in CyberArk.
Learn how to manage credential stores in Orchestrator.

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December 2020

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