UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Release date: 26 April 2021

Lights :bulb:, camera :movie-camera:, Action Center :white-check-mark:!
Starting with this release, being the human in the loop is the new blockbuster. The upgraded experience offers you new functionality, and several bugs have been squished from your path to ensure smooth action completion. Read more details below and get ready for action!




Be aware that starting v2021.10 the Actions management feature in Orchestrator will be dropped. To continue managing actions and allowing your users to complete them, install on-premises Action Center, which provides an improved functionality and user interaction.


  • Engage the full power of PaaS by deploying Action Center as an Azure App service. Opt for single or multiple node installation and start customizing Action Center to your specific needs.

  • Tracking the status of an action is now possible with the help of the Action summary panel. Access it from the More Options menu of the selected action page header. The panel displays the selected action details, such as the action type, the Orchestrator recipient folder, or the currently assigned user, in addition to what is already displayed on the action card. Moreover, Action summary brings transparency over the operations performed on the action: assignments, comments, creation or completion time stamps, and other related changes.

  • We also deliver the Comments panel, accessible from the More Options menu located on the selected action's page header. The panel allows you to comment on pending or unassigned actions.
  • You can now individually or bulk delete actions if you have Delete permissions on Actions inside the corresponding folder. Consequently, accessing the deleted action through their specific URL redirects you to the read-only display of the action, and a banner informs you that the action is deleted and cannot be modified.


  • You can see when an action was completed, in addition to the action creation time. Hover over the creation time stamp on a completed action card to see the details.

  • We added the Refresh button to help you update your list of pending, unassigned, or completed actions. As a result, the Multi-select Actions button was moved inside the More Options menu.

  • To forward an action to other colleagues use the Forward button. Provide the context for forwarding in the Comments field.

  • Action Center reaches out to more users as it becomes available in Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil).



  • Use the improved SQL clean-up script to clear your Tasks database table of soft-deleted actions, in addition to completed actions.

  • If the action you want to complete has a faulted underlying automation process, a banner informs you to reach out to the operation team for further resolution. This applies starting with the UiPath.Persistence.Activities pack v1.1.9 and UiPath Robot v20.10.3.

  • You can now filter the actions by a specific catalog value, either by searching the catalog value in the search bar or by selecting it from the action filter menu (Filter > Action Catalog).
    You need View permission on Action Catalogs to filter the actions by their catalog value.

  • The list of pending actions can also be filtered to display only the actions that have been forwarded to you. As an action admin user, you can also see the actions forwarded to other users.

  • The new Save Changes window prompts you to save the progress made on a form action.


Known Issues

  • Problems experienced in Microsoft Edge Legacy are no longer covered by our support. Please upgrade to newer versions of Edge, as stated in the Software Requirements section.

  • Processes containing queue items can be run only from the folder in which the queue was initially created, and not from the folders to which the queue has been shared. Removing the queue from their original folder causes the process to fail, even if the queue exists in a shared folder. The name of the original folder is displayed on the process card.

  • Cascading dropdowns configured within a table inside the Tab Component of the Form Designer don't display any option.

  • Using multi selection in a long action list and then scrolling beyond the initially loaded actions clears your selection.

  • Form actions containing Panel components don't display the panel title when the Light theme is selected, due to a contrast issue.


Bug Fixes

  • When installing Action Center, you might've got the following error: An Error occurred while connecting to Orchestrator. Ensure that url entered points to valid Orchestrator instance. The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. This was caused by a TLS version mismatch, which is now fixed.

  • An error was thrown if you tried to save a form action that contained empty Checkboxes or Select Boxes without any option selected. Upgrading the UiPath.Persistence.Activities pack to v1.1.9+ solves this issue.

  • Test processes are no longer displayed on the Processes page, as you can launch only unattended processes in Action Center.

  • When you switched rapidly and repeatedly between an action that had a file uploaded (through file upload fields) and any other actions, an error was thrown inside the action that contained the uploaded file. This behavior no longer exists.

  • The presence of the character # in an action metadata (title, catalog, or username) caused the action to be skipped from downloading. Downloaded csv files now contain all the selected actions, limited to 1000 entries.

  • We fixed a bug that was causing Actions and Processes tabs to be improperly displayed in Safari.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented forms with incomplete file upload fields from being saved. This occurred if you didn’t upload files in every field.

  • The issues that occurred in Safari versions 13.1 and 14.0 + have been resolved.

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