UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Action Center On-Prem GA

We are excited to announce the launch of the long-awaited Action Center - on-premises in general availability. This is our first fully-featured Action Center that is released on-premises. With this launch, customers can handle end-to-end business processes locally, deploying Action Center directly in their on-prem environments and thus reducing the need for business users interacting with Orchestrator at a minimum.

With this release, customers can enjoy the deployment flexibility of both on-premise or the cloud Action Center (released earlier this year).

The two facets of Action Center are represented by the Processes and Actions sections, both accessible from the Action Center web app.

Actions can also be managed in Orchestrator v2020.10 as a way to help you smoothly transition to the new paradigm. To reflect this, Action Center documentation can be found in the Orchestrator guide as well. However, we recommend taking advantage of the new experience, as after the transition is complete, Action Center will be removed from Orchestrator, and so will be the documentation.

Actions capabilities in Orchestrator are limited and do not include the features in this release. To take advantage of the new features, use the dedicated Action Center web app.


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