UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

2019 Fast Track 2.8

Release date: 30th September 2019

 What’s New

Good news! We’ve come up with a new release of our app designed to further improve your experience. Favorite Processes, a new feature built especially for our Mobile App, enables you to mark your frequently used processes in order to quickly find and run them at a later time.

Your favorite processes become easy to spot on the Select Process page when starting or scheduling a job, as they are marked with a FavoriteStarFilled icon, and are displayed at the top of the list.

Both the Processes and the new Quick Actions pages let you mark your favorite processes. You can reorder them at any time through a simple drag & drop, or remove them from your favorites by clicking the FavoriteStarFilled icon once again.

All the relevant information about favorite processes is securely stored locally on your mobile device, in an encrypted database. Deleting the app, then re-installing it results in losing your favorites.
Using this new feature is subject to the permissions your user has within Orchestrator. Click here to read more about favorite processes.

We have also prepared our app to support the newly launched iOS13.

Note: The apps are released following a staged roll out process that adheres to safe deployment practices. Each day the app is available to an increasing percentage of users. The actual users are defined randomly by Apple & Google. The app becomes available to all users 7 days after the initial release date.

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2019 Fast Track 2.8

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