UiPath Release Notes

2019 Fast Track 2.4.1

Release date: 15th July 2019

Bug Fixes

Having examined closely the app for the last few weeks, our developers decided that some well-deserved bug fixes would make your experience more agreeable. Here are some of the more notable improvements:

  • Less typing required on your side when switching tenants after clicking on a push notification. In the Login screen, the tenant name is automatically filled in according to the tenant in the selected notification. Remember, push notification is only available for on-premise users.
  • We’ve tweaked the look of the Input / Output arrays & objects in the Job Details page to match the way they are displayed in your web-based Orchestrator.
  • Sorting your Robots by Status returns the same results whether you’re using the app or the web-based Orchestrator. Only the web version used to display unresponsive robots before, but now the app also does that.
  • In the same spirit, we made sure that the Licenses page displays the Host license type correctly on mobile as well.

Note: The apps are released following a staged roll out process that adheres to safe deployment practices. Each day the app is available to an increasing percentage of users. The actual users are defined randomly by Apple & Google. The app becomes available to all users 7 days after the initial release date.

2019 Fast Track 2.4.1

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