UiPath Release Notes

2019 Fast Track 1.3

Release date: 4th March 2019

What’s New

This release brings you the additional capabilities to view your Assets, Queues, and Transactions on your mobile device.

  • Assets - Use search and sort to quickly find the asset you're looking for.
  • Queues - Use search and sort to quickly locate the queue you're looking for. At a glance see how many items are in progress and how many are remaining. Drill into a queue to see how many business exceptions, application exceptions, and successful transactions have occurred.
  • Transactions - View all the transactions for your queues. You can see this in graph form as well as an easily digestible list. You can filter and search the list to quickly locate a specific Transaction.

Note: The apps are released following a staged roll out process that adheres to safe deployment practices. Each day the app will be available to an increasing percentage of users. The actual users will be defined randomly by Apple & Google. The app will be available to 100% of users 7 days after the release date.

2019 Fast Track 1.3

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