UiPath Release Notes

Release date: April, 3rd 2019


  • The ACME Certification platform was integrated with Connect! through the Certification badge.
  • A landing page for Bangalore Hackathon was added.
  • An animation feedback loading circle was added when uploading a profile photo&banner.

Bug Fixes

  • Navigation bar was incorrectly placed in Followers window, in My Account section.
  • There was no help hint displayed for the Location field in Edit Profile window.
  • There were missing help hints for Optional fields in Edit Account screen.
  • Profile picture was not correctly displayed after being uploaded in Edit Account.
  • No validation was required when deselecting the mandatory company options in Edit Account screen.
  • Counter and points for Certified RPA Developer superbadge were not displayed correctly.
  • Company field was duplicated for members which were already belonging to a company in Edit Account.
  • About the project screen was not displayed when checking the Project Details page.


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