UiPath Release Notes

Release date: 20 January 2019


  • Options for Company Admins managing company affiliates and requests are now enhanced.
  • The Provider Type is now displayed on the Component profile page, along with the user and company.
  • The flow to Become a Contributor is simplified.
  • Users can subscribe to receive a notification whenever one of the components they downloaded in the past gets a new version published.
  • User and Company profile presentation and gamification are enhanced.
  • Search functionality and sorting are now improved.
  • The page design was updated.

Bug Fixes

  • When submitting an update for a component already published on the site, the published version was not hidden from the site pending review.
  • Minor issues in the flow to join a company profile and related notifications have been fixed.
  • Form validation errors were displayed when uploading a component.
  • Bookmarking a component was incorrectly working.


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